Technical papers on the aspects related to (but not limited to) those in the topics of interest are invited for oral presentation. Length of the full paper is limited within 4 pages (max). The program committee encourages the submission of invited sessions with at least five manuscripts on a well-defined subject of current interest. If you are interested in this, please email us the title of the session, the name and full contact details of the session organizer, and a list of the proposed session contributions, including titles, authors, and the corresponding author of each paper. All papers in invited sessions will be subject to review and assessment by the Program committee.


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(IV1) The Applications of Information Technology in Healthcare, Sustainability and Others

Session description

In this session, we would like to invite some authors to submit their papers and share their experiences in the ECBIOS conference. The topic is about the potential applications of information technologies (such as IoT, AI, etc.) which have been used in healthcare , sustainability and other related fields.

Session Chairman

Prof. Chuan-Gang Liu and Prof. Wesley Huang


Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science


Invited papers only